Marquise Stillwell


Designer Marquise Stillwell’s new podcast series “The Sweet Flypaper” - borrows its name from “The Sweet Flypaper of Life,” a 1955 fiction and photography book by photographer Roy DeCarava and poet Langston Hughes, describing 1950s Black family life in Harlem, New York City.

Joined at the beginning of each episode by friend, educator and Creative Economist, Neil Ramsay, this conversation series responds to a growing need to reexamine how design powers the world and our lives, and its potential to thoughtfully – and poetically – influence societal change. Stillwell firmly believes in the concept of holistic design practices, which, with the help of Ramsay, he uses as a guide to  navigate through the ten episodes of the first season.

From Deb Willis’ celebration of Black history, joy and progress through photography, to Paola Antonelli’s philosophy that design democratization and literacy can be a catalyst for progress, Stillwell takes us on a warm, approachable journey through the nuances of creative process and their power to change the world.

Episode 4: dream hampton on Film, Legacies and Liberation

In this episode, I speak with award-winning activist, writer, and filmmaker dream hampton. We get into the influence of Black liberation legacies on dream’s work, the power and limitations of language to damage and elevate, and most importantly, how film can work as a tool to communicate people’s stories. We also address the importance of creating the right conditions to help those stories to be told thoughtfully, and with respect - two qualities that should always be at the forefront of communication and representation.

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